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中西 聖嗣


  • Piano

  • One-on-One Tutoring Program / 個別学習指導


Born in 1994 in Kyoto, Seiji Nakanishi started to study the piano at 4 years old.

Between 2007 and 2011, studying with Masayasu Sakata, a part-time lecturer in the Kyoto Municipal University of Arts, he was winner of the Grand-Prix and the First Prize in the European International Piano Competition in Japan and was awarded the 4th Prize in the Japan Classic Music Competition in 2011. From 2012, he started to study with Albert Lotto DMA.

From 2015 with Seiji has been a pupil of Reiko Shiba, who graduated from the Paris Conservatoire and studied with Vlado Perlemuter. He also participated in the master class of Georges Pludermacher in Kyoto in 2015 and received private lessons with Kazimierz Gierzod in Poland in 2014, with Phillip Kawin in New York in 2015, with Miyoko Nakaya Lotto and Efrem Briskin in 2022 in New York and Konstantin Lifschitz in 2022 in Italy.

Seiji was awarded the Special Prize in the Nara Symphony Concerto Competition, performing Beethoven’s Second Piano Concerto with the Nara Philharmonic Orchestra (2016). He has performed many public and private solo recitals in Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo, Taiwan, Brussels, Italy and in New York.

Seiji equally focuses upon performing chamber music, in particular with strings, flute and horn. He studied chamber music with Nobu Wakabayashi, DMA between 2012 and 2015. He also studied with Regis Pasquier at the master class held in Kyoto in 2015. He is currently pursuing Chamber Music studies and performances intensively with Kanji Nakanishi, his younger brother who studies violin with Yossif Ivanov in Brussels.

Seiji Nakanishi has graduated the master program of applied life science in the Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University, as also graduated the master program and studied with Paul Ostrovsky, Master of Music at Conservatory of Music, Purchase College, State University of New York.

京都市出身。第 23 回宝塚ベガ音楽コンクールに 16 歳 ( 最年少 ) で入選。第 2 回ヨーロッパ国際ピアノコンクール in Japan にてグランプリ、第 26 回京都芸術祭音楽部門にて奨励賞、第 49 回堺新人演奏会にて奨励賞受賞他。 奈良フィルハーモニー管弦楽団とベートーヴェンのピアノ協奏曲を共演。 これまでに関西各地をはじめ、東京、名古屋、岐阜、台湾、ベルギー、ニューヨークにてリサイタルに出演。 また日本各地にて室内楽をはじめとした演奏会の企画や出演などにも力を注いでいる。

これまでにピアノを神田祐子、阪田誠康、アルバート・ロト、芝令子の各氏に師事。 室内楽を故若林暢、アルバート・ロトの各氏に師事。また第 26 回京都フランス音楽アカデミーにてジョルジュ・プルーデルマッハー氏に師事。2019 年、奨学金を得て渡米。 ニューヨーク州立大学パーチェス校の修士課程にてポール・オストロフスキー 氏に師事する一方、京都大学大学院農学研究科博士後期課程にて応用生命科学を専攻する化学者でもある。


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